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Super Users can now restrict the number of days allowed by leave type per staff  member. A Super User may set the whole company to restrict the number of days allowed per leave type via the Manage Leave Types area but also has the extra optional feature to set individual personal limits to a staff member (IMPORTANT! the personal limit supersedes any limit set in the company leave types area).

When a staff member reaches their personal limit on a certain leave type, the system will then reject the request and inform the staff member. There are two methods to set the personal limit for a staff member or members.

For example – The company standard allowed for Sick leave is 5 days, however new staff members are only allocated 3 days for Sick Leave. Any new staff members have their personal leave limit to 3 days.

Method #1 – Individual staff member

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Click Administration page > click Manage Staff Members
  • Staff Administration page > click Leave Limits in line with the member of staff
  • Leave Limits page > Select the Leave Type to restrict and enter the number of maximum days allowed for this leave type In a Calendar Year, click Add New Leave Limit.

Method #2 – Bulk Add Limits to staff members, this is handy if you have many staff in the same department to apply leave limits to.

  • Login to your WhosOff Account,
  • Click Administration > click Staff Leave Type Limits (in the Staff Administration area)
  • Bulk Set Leave Limits page >  Select the Department and leave type you wish to apply the 
    limits to.

After selecting your choice, the staff in that department are displayed along with any limits they already have set against them for the leave type selected.

You may select any or all of the staff members you wish to apply a limit to. After selecting the staff you wish the limit restriction against, enter the maximum number of days that they are allowed in a calendar year in the text box at the bottom of the Maximum No.of days column.

Click Update and each staff member selected will have the limit set against their profile and the display will be updated with the new details.


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