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If your company shuts down over the Christmas break, or you need to book everyone off for the bank holidays, you may want to book this leave ‘in bulk’ instead of individually.

You can only book a single day at a time, to book a day off for all staff, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the Administration on the Left Hand menu
  • Click on Admin Dashboard
  • Then under the heading Bulk click on Book Staff Leave
  • You will then be able to use the options on screen to make your booking; 
    • Who is it for? - Select either One or more Departments or The whole company
    • Which leave type are you booking? - Select the required leave type
    • Which date are you booking? - Select the required start date
    • How long are you booking? - Out of All Day, Half a Day AM / PM
    • Any notes? - Optionally add any notes associated with this request
  • Then click on Check Details
You will then be presented with a list of all staff within the selected Department(s) whilst showing if it is possible for the leave request to be submitted or not, along with any warnings to help you identify reasons why the booking cannot complete. 

By hovering over any Error or Warning indicators you will be able to determine anything that could prevent the request from being booked. 

If you are happy with the information shown, click Confirm Booking or you can back out, make any necessary adjustments and then repeat the above steps.

As this is an admin function, leave entered via Bulk Book Leave will not require approval  and will be entered on each user's records immediately, deducting from their remaining allowance where applicable. Bulk booking leave will not send out any email notifications.

If you need to book another day, you can refresh your web page and repeat the above process. 


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Bulk Options
Public / Bank Holidays


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