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Add / edit / cancel leave for Approvers


Approvers who have been given extra permissions can manage leave on behalf of the users that they approve.

If you are an Approver with additional permissions, you will be able to book leave and overtime on behalf of the staff that you approve. You may also be able to edit or cancel leave for those staff. You can manage your staff using the My Staff page. To access this;

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click on My Staff on the Left Hand menu.

This will bring up a screen showing the staff whom you are set to approve, their allowances, and a Manage option. If you have the additional permissions you will see a Book leave and Book overtime option as well.


On clicking the Book leave option, the Right Hand menu will show the Leave request process, with the staff member who you are booking for being pre-selected. To carry out the submission, proceed as follows;

  • What type of leave do you want to book? - choose the relevant leave type (you may be able to certain types of leave for your staff that they cannot request themselves)
  • When should it start? - Select your Start Date
  • For how long? - select a Duratio option
  • Any notes? - Allows you to submit a note entry for the leave request
  • Once you've entered the required leave request details, you can click on Check Details
  • If you have booked a working day, the system will highlight how much allowance is due to be deducted (depending on the leave type settings)
  • If you're happy to proceed you can click on Submit Leave or you can amend any details beforehand to ensure the right information is submitted, alternatively you can click Cancel to stop the submission altogether.

Conversely, clicking Book overtime will present the Right Hand menu with the Overtime request process instead. To carry out the submission, proceed as follows;

  • What type of overtime do you want to submit? - Time Off In Lieu
  • What date did the overtime occur? - Select your Start Date
  • What time did it start? - Enter the Start Time
  • How long was the overtime? - Select the duration of the request (Max. 24 hours in 30 minute increments)
  • Would you like to request lieu time back?* - This will allow you to select how much Lieu Time you would like to request and will depend on your Allowance Type (Days or Hours) 
  • Any notes? - Allows you to submit a note entry for the overtime request
  • Once you've entered your required overtime request details, double check the details are correct and click on Submit. You can also adjust any information prior to this, or click Cancel to abort the request.

Upon clicking Submit you will be presented with a confirmation message. As you are submitting this on behalf of your own staff, the leave or overtime will be automatically approved, and email notifications will be sent confirming your submission. 

You may not be able to submit a leave request if the user or leave type is affected by restrictions, such as:

  • Notice period
  • Max. consecutive days
  • Minimum department levels
  • Staff to staff restrictions
  • Insufficient balance


On clicking Manage you will be taken to the user's leave page. You can use this page to view their leave records and the details of their requests. If you have the user level Approver with Add Leave/Overtime & Edit/Cancel Leave, you will see an Edit button in line with the requests.

To edit an existing request click Edit, this will show the request in the Right Hand menu. You can change the start date, duration or update the request notes but you cannot change the leave type (to do this the request would need to be cancelled and re-submitted). Once you have made any changes, click Check details and Submit leave.


To cancel a request, click the Cancel button in line with the relevant request. A confirmation message will appear, click Confirm to process the cancellation. This will send an email notification to the staff member and their approver / notifiers. 

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edit leave
add leave
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Super Users

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