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If you previously booked leave using the "Bulk Book Leave" tool you may find you need to cancel it for the whole company, or for a single department. Using the Cancel Bulk Booked Leave tool you can quickly remove any leave that was submitted in bulk.

To cancel leave that has been booked in bulk;

  • After logging in, click on the Administration tab.
  • Under staff administration, click on Bulk Book Staff Leave
  • Click the link at the top right, Cancel Bulk Booked Leave.
The resulting page will show you all bulk booked leave for this year, you can change which Year or Leave Type to view using the drop-downs in the top right hand corner of the page.
Each department  will have its own entry for each date that has been bulk booked. The columns will show you;
  • Leave Date - the date the leave is booked for
  • Duration - whether the whole day or half a day has been booked
  • Department - which department that line refers to
  • Leave Type - which leave type has been booked
  • # Staff Booked - how many staff had leave added at the time the bulk book tool was used (this doesn't take into account any individual leave entries or cancelled since)
  • Notes -  what notes, if any, were included when the leave was booked
  • Date Created - the date the bulk book tool was used to add that leave entry
  • Created by - which Super User added the leave (if this is blank, the person has been deleted)
  • Options - you may choose to either;
    • Cancel an entry, which will send emails to the staff member, their Approver and Notifiers (based on the leave types email settings) 
    • Delete the entry, which will simply remove it without sending emails.
 In our example above, if we wanted to cancel the Xmas Shutdown on 29th December 2020 for all staff without alerting anyone, we would click Delete in line with the bottom 5 entries, to remove this date for the 5 affected Departments.




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