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IMPORTANT! Do not use the yearly carryover tool until your company calendar year has passed, or the tool will add the carryover from last years balances!

Year Carryover Tool

The Yearly Carryover Tool allows a Super User to add remaining leave balances from Last Year, to a staff member's balance for This Year.

Before you can run the Carryover you first need to set a Max Number of days your company / organisation allows people to carry over.

  • Click the Administration tab
  • In the Administration page, click Company Details
  • In the Company Details page, on the WHOSOFF tab,  you will see the Max Carryover (this is set to zero by default). Set this to the required level and then click Save Changes
  • The  Max Carryover amount can be changed after each process for different sets of staff who have different amounts of allowance to carry over.

Then it would be worth checking any pending leave for all staff prior to running any reports. To view pending requests;

  • Sign in to WhosOff
  • Click Administration
  • Administration page > click Pending Leave Requests (In the Pending Request section)
  • Pending Requests page > select All Staff Members from the drop down list, and all pending staff requests will be displayed.

From here you can action any pending leave requests to bring everyone's balances to the correct amount.

We strongly suggest a report is taken prior to using the tool, this allows you to have a hard copy of balances for This Year and Last Year before carryover was processed.

To print the report;

  • Sign in to WhosOff
  • Click the Reports tab
  • Then use the Yearly Breakdown report as follows in the example below:
  1. Year - This Year / Last Year
  2. View - Summary
  3. View Type - Export to .CSV or On Screen
  4. Report For - Company

To then use the Yearly Carryover tool -

  • Click the Administration tab
  • Click Yearly Carryover
  • In the Yearly carryover page, the page will display the staff within each Department, but you can use the Department drop-down at the top to view other Departments or All Departments at once. You will also see their Remaining Allowance from Last Year and the possible carry over amount. 
  • You may select staff individually by Ticking each Include tick box in line with each staff member, or by using the Tick All button at the bottom of the page you can select everyone in the list. 
  • Once you are happy with your selection, click Process Carryover.
  • Finally, click Confirm and then click OK in the resulting dialogue box.
  • If you have only selected certain staff to receive carryover set at the current carryover amount, you are able to revise the Max Carryover amount and then deal with any staff members who are left and need to carryover a different amount. This process can be run repeated for different staff with different amounts but can only be run once for each staff member.

The Yearly Carryover tool will not carry a minus amount of allowance into This Year. By changing the Max Carryover amount you can carry different amounts over by running the process seperately for each required amount BUT the carry over tool can only be used once for each staff member.

The carryover tool procedure is irreversible, if the carry over tool is used incorrectly, each affected staff member's record will need to be adjusted manually.




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