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IMPORTANT! You cannot use the Yearly Carryover tool until your company holiday year has passed.

The Yearly Carryover tool allows a Super user to add any remaining balances from "Last Year" into the current year, up to a maximum value set at a company level.

Before running the Carryover process, we would always recommend running a report for Last Year to ensure that all Pending Leave and any final balances are confirmed before you process anything, as running carryover is NOT REVERSIBLE - the Leave by Allowance Period report would be the most suitable for this particular scenario.


  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click on Reports on the Left Hand menu
  • Click on Reports Dashboard
  • Then click on the Leave by Allowance Period report
  • You can then select the following options, as an example, using the report filters
    • Date Range - Last Year
    • Leave Types - All leave types
    • Type - Company
    • Decision - Approved and Pending
    • Date range only - No
    • Show leave breakdown - Yes
    • Show zero values - No
  • After making your selections, click Run.

You can then review the information presented and make any necessary changes in order to get ready to process the carryover for your staff. 


To establish the Maximum number of Days / Hours that can be carried forward.

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click on Administration on the Left Hand menu
  • Click on Company Settings
  • On the resulting page, there are 4 sub sections available. You will need to focus on the Yearly section.
  • From here, you can use the following options to establish how much Carryover each of your staff are allowed to take.
    • Max carryover (days) - affects users with an allowance in Days
    • Max carryover (hours) - affects users with an allowance in Hours
  • Once you've made any changes, click on Save Changes.
Useful to know - Don't forget that it's possible for staff to carry over different amounts by running this process multiple times, with different Max Values each time, therefore these Max Values can be adjusted at any time.


  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Click on Administration
  • Click on Admin Dashboard
  • On the resulting page, you will see a selection of different tools.
  • Click on Yearly carryover

On the following page, you can change which Department you would like to review the carryover process for, either an individual department or All Departments. After making the relevant selection, you will see a list of all staff members within the selected department(s).

In line with each staff member, the following information will be presented.

  • Staff member
  • Leave remaining - How much leave entitlement they have left from Last Year
  • Possible carryover - How much they can carryover (as determined by your max carryover values)
  • Allowance type - Indicates if the user is in Days / Hours

Finally, there will be an Include tick box,  this will allow you to choose to run the carryover process for this staff member. If the tick box has been replaced with an ERROR then you can highlight the error to see why the process cannot be run for this staff member.

Possible errors include;

  • No allowances for Last Year - This is most common for companies who have only used WhosOff for a limited time
  • No allowances for This Year - Don't forget that you need to ensure all leave entitlements for the new year have been set up prior to carryover being run
  • User has pending leave - When a user has pending leave in the system for Last Year, carryover is not possible, don't forget to process anything before you go to run this process
  • Carryover already processed - If carryover has already been processed for a staff member, this will lock last year's pot, therefore you are unable to run it again

 Once you've processed the carryover, staff members will be able to see how much of their leave entitlement is carryover, this will be visible on their Dashboard.


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