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WhosOff platform updates - August 2023

Tuesday, 08 Aug 2023

Changes overview

We said we would continue to improve the new WhosOff platform and here we are again! Why not check out some of the new features below and more of the much loved features from the old platform being given a new lease of life.

  • Google Social Sign On
  • Dashboard widget editing - on the dashboard
  • Approvers with extra leave admin functionality
  • Bradford factor report improvements
  • Ad-hoc Allowance adjustments - assistance
  • Leave rules - total leave taken
  • Report improvements
  • A few little bits of extra niceness...

Google – Social Sign On

Want to use your personal or work Gmail to login to the new version of WhosOff? No problem, we've got you there. Google Social Sign On is now enabled for all users to link their Google login to the WhosOff platform. Simply sign in to WhosOff using your username and password and head to My Details to allow Google to integrate with WhosOff. That's it! Now you can sign in to WhosOff with Google.

Dashboard widget editing - on the dashboard

Did you know you could edit the dashboard widgets? Now we've made it even simpler to make the dashboard more personal to you. On the home screen to can now directly edit your dashboard without having to go to into your settings within My Details. So, if you want to just see your allowances for the year and WhosOff today, or if you want to use all six available slots, the choice is yours - login or sign up to have a play around, to see what fits your needs.

Approvers with extra leave admin functionality

Who's got the power! We've given the power back to Approvers with Add or Add/Edit/Cancel. Approvers with extra permissions can now overwrite staff working restrictions, ignore the minimum notice periods, and add leave types not available to staff. This will allow new and long standing customers experience the benefits of our flexible and powerful user permissions.

Bradford factor report improvements

Whether you use the Bradford factor or not, it can be a valuable guide to some human resource managers. That's why we've made some improvements to the Bradford factor report for the new system. If you'd like to check out our guidance Bradford factor figures for your staff, it's now located in the Leave by Allowance report, just select the leave type, turn on display Bradford factor and run your report. Don't see the option to display Bradford factor after selecting a leave type? You may need to ask your account Super User to enable it in company settings.

Ad-hoc Allowance adjustments - assistance

Why should adjusting leave balances be difficult? Good question, it shouldn't! The new version of WhosOff now brings back a much-loved feature, with remaining balance adjustments. When making an ad-hoc change to the users opening balance, the system will now ask to update the respective remaining balance for you. Want to make a manual adjustment? That's fine too - you can choose to make those changes yourself. Our bulk allowance adjustment also reminds you to make a remaining balance adjustment, just in case you miss it.

Leave rules - total leave taken

If you are making use of leave rules, visibility is naturally going to be important to you. As a super user, within staff member leave type rules, we give you a handy up-to-date figure on how much leave the user has taken against their rule driven leave type. This way, super users can now monitor staff members' leave type rules to ensure they are working as intended and allow the super user to make better decisions if they'd like to overrule them.

Reports optimisations

Reporting has always been an important part of the WhosOff platform to all our customers. That's why we are always working to improve and optimise the reports to bring all that vital data together. Thanks to our support team, we have been listening to feedback from our valued customers on the new reports section and, building on that valuable feedback, we have made some improvements to all the reports.

Reports now print and export so that the unnecessary 'extra' bits on screen are removed so that you can focus on the information that matters! The WhosOff and overtime reports are now even more precise, with the WhosOff report now also displaying handy information on users' remaining balances. Want to group by staff member and see their totals? Done! We've got you there too and now display a total working, duration and allowance used on each of the grouped staff members leave.

We aren't done yet, so keep an eye out on our blog for any further updates in the near future!

Little bit of extra niceness

Using our platform should be as smooth as butter! That's why we've been churning away at the small stuff too. So here are a few little things to make your experience better:

  • The WhosOff page now highlights the whole column for today so it's a little easier to see when scrolling through your company's leave. Also, if you have a lot of leave, you can now look at all the leave types being used for the month with a handy legend at the bottom - very useful if you like to print out the WhosOff calendar.
  • We always like to feedback as much information as possible when you are actioning changes in the system. As a result, belated work adjustment changes now give you reminder information on past leave to remove it to allow the work adjustment to be accepted by the system, and any past leave re-entered.
  • What's the plus(+) at the top of the screen mean? Good question, it's the Quick Access menu! Handy if you know, so we've made it clearer by naming it - simple. This area allows you to submit leave or overtime as a staff member, record leave or overtime as a leave admin and add new members as a Super User.
  • If you are new to our system, we don't want you to feel lost. That's why we are continually improving our new sign up dashboard to make setting up the system easy and quick. Therefore, we have added more material to help you out alongside our handy setup wizard. Magic!
  • Changed a search parameter and keep forgetting to click run? Same! Well, now we give you (me) a handy prompt to remind you to re-run the report after changing the parameters, phew!

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Posted by Knut Alvsvåg

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