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Restrictions are used to prevent one member of staff being on leave at the same time as another member of staff. You set who cannot be off with whom at the same time, and the WhosOff system will not process a normal staff request where a restriction is in place, unless overridden by a Super User.

How to manage restrictions

Restrictions are managed per staff member, to manage restrictions you can follow these steps:

  • Login to your WhosOff account.
  • Click on the "Administration" tab.
  • Under "Staff Administration", click on "Manage Staff Members".
  • From the list of staff, locate the member of staff you wish to add a restriction to (if you can't see the staff member you need then you can use the department selector at the top of the screen).
  • Next to the staff members' record, click on "Restrictions".
  • From the resulting screen you can manage the restrictions for the selected staff member, creating or removing restrictions that are in place.

Important points to note:

  • Restrictions are not 2-way, they must be set on both people to apply in both ways (or use the Add Reverse Entry when setting up new restrictions).
  • When the Super User is using the administration area to add leave for any member of staff, restrictions are NOT applied.

The "Add Reverse Entry" option allows you to set the same restriction but apply it to both parties at the same time, therefore taking away the need to set this Restriction up again. For example...

John Smith can't be off at the same time as John Doe, click Add Reverse Entry, now John Doe is also not allowed to be off when John Smith is off. 

There is also a report available in the Reports tab that allows you to quickly see what Restrictions you currently have setup and who your staff are not allowed the same time off as. 

You can also set department staffing levels to restrict how many people can be off at the same time in one Department, please see this article http://whosoff.com/support/knowledgebase/?ref=W02569_N14372




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