New Updates

Continuing  to add great features to, here are some updates that have been requested by our users

In Administration > Bulk Book Leave 

Bulk Book Staff Leave -   Easily add a customised schedule of leave per employee e.g. Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 3 weeks.

In Administration > Free/Restricted Days 

Public Holiday Lookup -  Get to see the public holidays that relate to your country. (But you need to check if relevant to your organisation!) .

In Adminsitration>Manage Staff

Staff links  - When you are editing a user, these extra links will help you easily navigate to other areas for the user.

In Administration>Bulk Change Approvers

Change By Department -  When you need to change an Approver across a whole Department. 

In Administration>Pending Leave Requests

Pending Requests - Approver  - Pending requests now show who the approver is.

In My OverTime

Submit Overtime - link to submit new overtime request.

In Whosoff

Display Times  - When viewing the calendar, the selected item now displays the time (if an "Hours" person) 

In Reports > Overtime

Summary Report  -  New option to have a summary report, or a breakdown report. 















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Spring Updates

Recent updates to the system include some new features and better usability


New features

Submit Leave and Calendar feed features added


Additional reports

We have added some new Staff reports in the  Reports area which will be useful to Super Users and Administrators.

The Staff listings are By Approver, or Department or just All staff.  The reports include their start date, Department, Approver, and Opening/Remaining Balances, so these reports will be particularly useful when managing the cross-over into the new company year.




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