WhosOff adds calendar feeds

You can now create a calendar feed from your WhosOff account and subscribe to that feed from other calendar programs such as MS Outlook and Google Calendar.

This is a great way to see whats going on in Whosoff without you having to log in each time.

You can create calendar feeds for individuals, departments or the whole company, to find out how to manage calendar feeds check out Knowledgebase Article W02569_N1436.

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WhosOff Today?, Tomorrow?, Yesterday?

Quickly find out which members of staff are off today, tomorrow or remind yourself about yesterday. Check out the new options on the WhosOff today area on the dashboard once you have logged in.


All departments..all the time

When using the system, whenever you change the department which you would like to view (e.g. WhosOff today on the dashboard), the system remembers your preference and this stays with you until you logout, also very helpful when administering your staff - Thank you to those super users who have requested this, hope this helps.



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