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WhosOff has given extra settings to help super users and approvers control staff leave requests via the leave types area. All the extra features are OPTIONAL and will not affect any previous settings already set in the system and can be ignored if not required.

Restriction / Limits / Levels (Optional)

  • Restrict the minimum number of days notice required to request a particular leave type(Optional)
    This allows super users to set a minimum number of days required for staff member to request leave. 
    For example – The super user requires staff to request for holidays at least 60 days in advance of the date required. The super user enters 60 in the minimum number of days notice text box.
  • Maximum number of days required to cancel (Optional)
    This optional setting allows super users to restrict staff from cancelling leave within the number of days prior to the leave commencing (Mininmum is 1 Day). This cannot be set to minus figures, WhosOff will still continue staff to NOT allow staff to cancel leave after the leave date has commenced.
    For example – The super user arranges cover for staff on holiday and staff cannot cancel leave within 7 days of the holiday commencing. The super user sets the Maximum number of days to cancel to 7.
  • Leave Limits (Optional)
    WhosOff has the optional setting to allow super users to set the maximum number days allowed for each leave type in a calendar year as a default for all staff in the company. Setting the leave limits in the manage leave types area allows super users to control the number  of days allowed for each staff member in the company  as a default (this may be overridden if certain staff require more or less days, see personal staff leave limits these personal limits override the company default limits). Leave limits is intended to manage leave type limits not allowances.
     For example – All staff in the company may not have more than 5 days sick in a calendar year. The super user sets Leave Limits to 5 for the Sick leave type, once the staff member has had 5 days sick any future requests will be rejected by the system.
    As with all rules adding leave via the administration or ‘approver+’ areas leave limits will not be applied.
  • Include in Department Staffing Levels (Optional)
    If you have  minimum staffing departments set in the Manage Department area, select the leave types that affect these levels. 
    For example -  The super user set the IT departments minimum staffing level to 5 staff but only wishes staff requesting leave types ‘Holiday’ and ‘Offshore’ to be stopped if the department level has been reached. The super user set each leave type’ Holiday’ and ‘Offshore’ to be included in the department staffing levels and has un-ticked all other leave types.

Email Notifications (Optional)

  • Email on request(Optional)
    The super user may select which level of user receives emails for certain leave types when a request is made.
  • Email on approval(Optional)
    The super user may select which level of user receives emails for certain leave types when an approval or decline is made.
  • Email on cancellation(Optional)
    The super user may select which level of user receives emails for certain leave types when a cancellation of leave is made.
  • Email Messages and Links(Optional)
    The super user may now add your own message and/or link to the email of a staff member or approver when the approver accepts or declines a request. Any message is displayed on the approval, declined email, the super user may also wish to add a link to a specific document  relevant to the leave type.

For example :–

A staff member requests sick leave, on approval an email is sent first to the staff member with a message stating that a  sick form must be completed prior to returning to work and the link is set to a local resource on the companies server for the sick note document enabling the staff member to click the link and download the document. On the same approval the approver received a different message stating that a ‘fit for work’ form is completed when the staff members returns to work, a different link could then be set  for the approver to download the relevant document.


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