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Super Users can add from 1 to many staff using the 'Bulk Import' tool, this feature will save time entering your staff for your company to the system.

How to 'Bulk Import' tool staff to the system.

Sign in to WhosOff and click Administration

Administration page > in the Manage Staff Members section click Bulk Import Staff

Bulk Import New Staff page  there are 4 Steps

Step 1 - Download the staff template file from the link on the page

Step 2 - Complete the spreadsheet paying attention to the columns marked as below as 'required'. Save your template.

 Staff Code  E.g 001a NO  
 Title  Mr/Mrs/Dr etc. NO
 First Name  YES
 Last Name  YES
 Email Address Must be in a valid address format YES
 Password At least 4 characters, alpha numerics only YES
 Department The name of the department on WhosOff, if the entered department does not
 match, the staff member will be entered into the 'UNALLOCATED' department
 Approver The name of the staff members approver, FIRST NAME LAST NAME, e.g John Smith YES
 User Type  Select the user level to assign to the new staff member YES
 Allowance Type  Staff added via the Bulk Import tool, can only have an allowance type of DAYS YES
 This Year - Opening  The opening leave balance for this year, for this staff member YES
 This Year - Remaining  The remaining leave balance for this year, for this staff member YES
 Next Year - Opening  The opening leave balance for next year, for this staff member YES
 Next Year - Remaining  The remaining leave balance for next year, for this staff member


Step 3 - click the 'Browse' button and find the template on your PC / MAC. Click 'Prepare Upload' and your template will be uploaded to  WhosOff.

Step 4 - After the staff have been uploaded, the system will check for any issues i.e incorrect email format, duplicate emails. If you receive errors, you may either adjust your template locally and re-submit or continue to import staff (if do continue, any staff with errors will not be uploaded)

Import Staff - if you wish to send a welcome message to each new staff member check the 'Send welcome message' box. Then click the Import Staff button and all staff with that have passed the system tests will be imported onto your account. After the staff have been imported, a confirmation of how many staff will be displayed next to the 'Import Staff' button.

It is important not to change / add / remove any of the column headings or change the format of the spreadsheet, as the system will reject the upload.




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