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Sometimes an approver leaves, or is away for an extended period of time and you need to change the approver for a team, or even a whole department of staff. Using the Bulk Change Approvers / Notifiers tool you can do this easily.


  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click the Administration tab,  this option is only available after fully clicking this tab, it cannot be found on the Administration drop-down.
  • Then under Staff Administration click Bulk Change Approvers / Notifiers. 
On the resulting page you will then have the option to view staff by Approver and by Department, using the appropriate drop-down options at the top of the page. Using these options you can view all staff in a particular Department who are approved by a specific Approver, or across the entire company. For example if you wanted to view everyone "John Green" approved for you would select;
  • Select Approver - John Green
  • Select Department - All Departments
This would show you each staff member that John Green approves for, you then have the option to change the Approver2nd Notifier or 3rd Notifier individually using the appropriate options in line with each user, or you can use the "Bulk Set Approver / Notifier" option on the right hand side, this allows you to apply the same Approver to each staff member that is visible* on screen.
*it is possible to have multiple pages of staff on this screen, if for example, you have a large department / company, therefore the Bulk Set Approver / Notifier tool will only apply the approver / notifier settings to any staff shown on screen at that time.
 Using the example above, if you wanted to change John Green from approving each staff member in the company to Tom Blue, use the following options;
  • Set option - Approver
  • Set to - Tom Blue
  • Click Set Values (this applies the settings to each Staff Member visible on screen 
Always remember to click Save Changes after making any adjustments.





approver, notifiers, line manager, team leader

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