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If you need to Approve / Decline any leave requests that your staff members have submitted within their WhosOff account, follow these simple steps to access any Pending Leave Requests that require your attention.


  • Ensure you are logged into your account 
  • Click on the "Menu Toggle" icon 
  • From the menu, click on "Manage Pending Leave" 
  • As a Super User  you will be able to select "All Staff"  as well as your own staff, allowing you to approve anyone's time off in the system.
  •  On the resulting page click on the desired leave request
  • From here you will see any details relating to that leave request. Click on  the "Approve / Decline" section, if the request has expired, you will only be able to "Cancel" the leave request.
  • From here you can select the outcome, as well as enter your Notes (if applicable). Click Process Leave.
  • The system  will then confirm to you that your leave has been Processed.

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