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In WhosOff there are 3 levels of User and depending on what level of access you would like each of your staff members to have will depend what User Level you set them to.


Can view holiday/request leave/report absence/log meetings and see when their colleagues are off.


As above, but can also approve their Staff members' holidays/vacation (e.g. a manager of a department might be the person who approves his departments holiday). May access the reports area and subscribe to daily reports.

Super User

As above, but can also amend company/user details/manage restrictions/edit holidays/add new staff/delete staff/manage leave types etc.

Things to remember when assigning User Levels

  • The system recognises your user level as you log in and will only allow you access to those user level features.
  • Large companies will have 'Approvers' for separate departments with possibly one or two super users (e.g. Administrators/Directors)
  • Smaller companies may well just have one 'Super user' who is also the 'Approver' for all the staff/employees
  • There must always be at least 1 Super User for your organisation, it is best to keep the number of 'Super Users' to a minimum.
  • Note: When Holiday/Vacation is booked by the Super User , on behalf of another user, restrictions, limits and levels are not applied. This is because the system needs to be flexible to allow situations where people have to be off.




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