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How to add additional time to the allowed leave time allotment in lieu of additional hours worked?


How to add additonal time to allowed leave allotment in lieu of additonal hours worked?

Staff member adding 'Overtime'  

If the Overtime area has been provided to you, then via the My Overtime area you will be able to submit any requests of time worked on top of your normal working hours, as well as possibly request Time in Lieu to be given back to you. To submit an Overtime request from the system you can.

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Click My Overtime
  • Then on the right hand side of the page use the Add New Overtime facility, the request form can be completed as per the below example;
  1. Overtime Type - Overtime
  2. Date - 24th September 2018
  3. Start Time - Enter the Start Time
  4. Duration - Choose the Hours / Minutes worked
  5. Lieu Time - Select the number of Days / Hours to request in Lieu*
  6. Notes / Working On - Enter any notes that will accompany this request. 

 After submitting this request, if it requires Approval, any Lieu time requested will be applied to your Remaining Balance  once the request is Approved.

 *Some types of Overtime may not be set to give back Time In Lieu.

Approver admin for 'Overtime'

On the approvers Dashboard , the approver may manage the overtime requests by clicking the 'Manage Pending Overtime' link.

The 'Manage Pending Overtime' interface will display all requests made by their staff. From here the approver may 'Approve, Deny, Edit or Delete' the requests. 

EDIT TIME The approver may adjust the request lieu time to zero or any other number available in the drop down list - click 'Update' and then click 'Approve' . The system will then add the lieu time to the satff members current allowance.

PLEASE NOTE  Lieu time added to allowance can not be separated out or have rules applied to that element of leave, it becomes part of the staff members overall allowance.


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