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The Overtime Area allows your staff members to submit time where they have worked outside of their normal working time with the added option of being able to add Time in Lieu onto their allowances to be booked as leave, this area should be used carefully.

As we understand that some companies may not want their staff to submit Overtime or if companies manage their Overtime outside the system, we have made it so that you can Turn it Off, to do this please follow the below; 

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • In the 'Administration' area.
  • If you wish turn off the 'Overtime' area click on 'Company Details'.

In the 'Company Details' view,  under 'WhosOff Setup' look at the 'Allow Overtime Area?' tick box. If the box is unticked then staff will not be able to use or view the Overtime Area.

If you have the 'Allow Overtime Area?' [Ticked], staff can request Overtime via the 'My Overtime' tab which then goes via an approval process (similar to making a Leave Request). The 'Approver' can then Approve or Decline the overtime via the 'Manage Pending Overtime Requests' link.

Staff requesting overtime can also request Lieu Days if the Overtime Type allows for this. 

If a staff member requests a Lieu Day or a number of Lieu Days and the Approver approves the overtime, then the Lieu Days will be added to the Remaining Leave Allowance for that staff member.

Days in Lieu that have been added to a Staff Members Remaining Allowance will then show in (Brackets) just below the Remaining Allowance Figure (see screenshot Below).

my_leave.jpgScreenshot: Staff details with Lieu time highlighted

 For more information on how to set these Overtime Types up see the following Knowledge Base article 




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