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Not every company will use Departments in WhosOff, but we require at least 1 to be set up. There are benefits to using departments, as it allows you to grasp a better idea of exactly what's going on across your different teams of people. 

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click on Administration on the Left Hand menu
  • Then click on Departments
  • On the right hand side of the page, use the New Department option to enter the name of the department you wish to create.
  • After clicking Add, you can continue to add Departments onto your account where necessary

It is not mandatory to setup multiple departments, but WhosOff requires at least 1 department.

Departments can also be used for grouping staff together who share the same public holidays (as Public Holidays - Free Days - are applied to Departments). For example, if you have a Sales team that spans across multiple countries such as UK, France and USA, you might set up your Sales departments as "Sales UK", "Sales France" and "Sales USA". 


Within the department settings you can setup the minimum number of staff you must have present on any given day, this allows you to control how many staff are off at the same time. To add more flexibility to this feature, you can also choose which leave types are included in the system's check each time a leave request is submitted. For more information on the Min Staff level restriction, please see our article on Restrictions.


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