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Departments are used within WhosOff to represent the groups your staff belong to: e.g. Marketing or Operations. In smaller organisations the use of departments may be irrelevant but WhosOff requires at least one department.

You can add departments that are meaningful to you, and add departments to staff records accordingly.

You can set free/restricted days at department level, which maybe helpful if you have departments in other countries.

As WhosOff is an online system, departments could be used to manage remote offices or remote depots in different cities/regions giving an immediate and transparent view of your workforce.

You can also restrict department staffing levels see knowledge base article.../support/knowledgebase/How-do-I-set-minimum-department-staffing-levels




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What restrictions can I set up on my account?

In WhosOff you can set up multiple restrictions to prevent too many staff being off at the same time, or even control the time frames needed for booking leave.

How do I prevent or allow staff to see other departments?

Super users can use the Cross Department View setting to choose whether staff can see the whole company, or just their own department.

How to set up Departments

Departments allow you to separate your staff into different groups.

Bulk change department

Super users can move multiple staff from one department to another using the bulk options.

Bulk Change Departments

Quickly and Easily change multiple users departments within the system


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