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Are you GDPR compliant?

By Tony Bushell

We are often being  asked  "Are you GDPR compliant?.. and if not, when will you be compliant:"

Yearly Carryover - Use it or lose it?

By Tony Bushell

As the company year draws to a close, it is very common that members of staff have outstanding allowance that can be carried over into the following year.

The RyanAir leave saga is not uncommon in UK businesses

By Tony Bushell

With the saga of RyanAir unfolding in the media and the storm that is currently chasing CEO Michael O’Leary, other companies may well be taking a good look at themselves to ensure their staff are taking their annual leave entitlement

June 2017 - TLS 1.0, Calendar Feeds

By Mark Tomkinson

We have made 2x updates published to WhosOff including removing support for TLS 1.0 security protocol. The update also gives two extra features to the calendar feeds area

January 2017 - Reports, Overtime and My Staff updates published

By Tony Bushell

A number of updates published to WhosOff include extended reporting periods, staff overview for Super Users in My Staff, as well as the option to remove declined Overtime requests.

From script to screen in four weeks, WhosOff team produce a TV Advert

By Tony Bushell

Without production crews, lighting rigs and extensive studio re-work, the team at WhosOff show producing a TV advert can be done in four weeks.

Service updates for July 2016

By Tony Bushell

As part of our ongoing development to the WhosOff platform we have published number of changes, including Active Directory, bulk set approvers, self approving and a new restrictions report.

Security Update - Disabling TLS 1.0

By Mark Tomkinson

To ensure data security, WhosOff will be disabling TLS 1.0 encyption protocol. Please check back with this BLOG for any updates.

Service updates for May 2016

By Tony Bushell

As part of our ongoing development and feedback from our customers, we have released a number of updates to the WhosOff service, including a revamp of the overtime system and updates to calendar feeds to work from selected time zones.

Payment Issues with American Express (AMEX) - 15th January 2016

By Tony Bushell

We have been advised through our payment provider that AMEX (American Express) are experiencing technical problems and are unable to process some transactions.

New look for WhosOff app currently in Beta, see it today!

By Tony Bushell

Over the past few months we have been updating the application interface to match the refreshed WhosOff brand, we hope you like it! 

10 reasons to manage staff leave online

By Phil Cross

10 reasons to manage employees leave, holidays and out-of-office times online with

Why companies use WhosOff

By Phil Cross

Whatever and wherever your business, you can be sure that someone similar to your company is using to manage their staff leave and absence

Holiday Planning Guide

By Tony Bushell

How do you go about planning the perfect break? Money matters from Sainsbury`s bank has provided a handy guide to planning a holiday that could help.

The Start up that launched a thousand startups!

By Tony Bushell

The startup that launched a 1000 startups... not really!  Just a lot of people have since come into the HR/Vacation planning space thinking it weas easy. Many came and went - came and stayed

ISO27001:2013 Certified for Information Security - well done to all the team!

By Mark Tomkinson

We have achieved the internationally recognised standard ISO27001 for Information Security

New server platform across multiple Data Centres

By Callum Ellis

Today, we completed our transfer to our new hardware platform

Orange National Business Awards 2012

By Reg Groombridge

Having made the shortlist for Small Online Business of The Year in the Orange 2012 UK National Business Awards, the WhosOff Team enjoyed a great evening at the Grosevenor Hotel, London on the 13th November 2012...

SSA2012 WINNERS HR and HCM (SME) Category

By WhosOff support team

The team at WhosOff are pleased to announce that we were WINNERS at the   UK Business Software Satisfaction Awards 2012 held at Harrods ,London 11th October 2012  

WhosOff Shortlisted for Business of the Year - Smarta 100

By WhosOff support team

Whosoff has been shortlisted in the Smarta 100 2012 and is therefore running for Business of the Year.

As judged by Dragons Dens` Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden, among other industry professionals, the Smarta 100 Awards recognise the UK`s most dynamic and innovative small businesses.
The award organisers said: "We`re not just looking for those who bring in the most cash, but the businesses that have the most original ideas and make a true difference. We want to find the beacons of enterprising Britain, the small firms that thrive during the gloomy economy, be it a brilliant social enterprise, an inspiring young tech start up or a small manufacturer."

Leave Type 'In Year' limits

By WhosOff support team

Super users can now restrict the number of days allowed for a Leave Type per staff  member `in Year`. For Example, you may have a Leave Type called  "Dependant Emergency" - for which you only allow staff to have 4 days off  per year. You can set the limit for this leave type as 4 and users will not be able to book more than the limit.  

A super user may set the whole company to restrict the number of days allowed per leave type via the Manage Leave Types area but also has the extra optional feature to set individual  staff member(s) to a personal limit ( IMPORTANT! the personal limit supersedes any limit set in the company leave types area ).

When a staff member reaches their personal limit on a certain leave type, the system will then reject the request and inform the staff member. Here`s a link to to the knowledge base about this feature.

National Business Awards UK Finalists

By WhosOff support team

WhosOff's parent company (X:drive Computing Ltd) have made the shortlist for the National Business Awards UK 2012. Announced on Tuesday 14th August 2012 this is our second nomination in the past month.

WhosOff - Double Nominations at SSA2012

By WhosOff support team

The team at WhosOff are pleased to announce that we have been nominated in two categories for the SSA2012 Awards.

Essential Tips for the First Time Employer

By WhosOff support team

For small business owners, taking on an employee (or more than one) for the first time is a daunting but exciting prospect. It`s a good sign that business is thriving but making the right choice and ensuring that you comply with relevant legislation can be a fulltime job in itself. There are a number of crucial steps to the process none of which you should overlook. Here are some of the key factors to take into consideration.

Carlo Pandian gives us his professional tips for employers.

Imagine using

By WhosOff support team

Your Staff leave is a form filling , time consuming, hassle fest , very often causing stress and upset all round...

Easily Website of the Month

By WhosOff support team is Easily Website of the Month

New features - Dashboard and Approvers

By WhosOff support team

At WhosOff we continue to use customer feedback to improve the WhosOff service...

Public API Now Available

By WhosOff support team

Currently in BETA mode available for you to integrate into your own companies` infrastructure.

Integrate WhosOff into your existing HR or Personnel Systems with the WhosOff API

By WhosOff support team

New WhosOff API to get access to your WhosOff data

Single sign-on with Google or Yahoo

By WhosOff support team

Logging in to has just got a whole lot easier with single sign-on for Google or Yahoo

WhosOff apps for iPhone and Android released.

By WhosOff support team

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available to download

Statistics and Auto Report Scheduling

By WhosOff support team

Leave statistics and scheduled reporting straight into your inbox.

Switch off Overtime Area

By WhosOff support team

Super users now have the ability to switch off the overtime area available to users within WhosOff.

Hours launched!

By WhosOff support team

Staff members may now book time off in hours or even half hours . Switch staff members from booking leave in days to hours. * staff member must be in the system as an `HOURS` staff member.

Hours are on their well as a few more changes

By WhosOff support team

After many long nights developing at the WhosOff HQ, we are in the final stages of allowing users to book/manage their time off in this space for more details

Calendar Feeds

By WhosOff support team

MS Outlook integration

Welcome Back to

By WhosOff support team

Six Compaines come back to the system they love -

WhosOff Lorry Hits the Road!

By WhosOff support team

A new advertising campaign from WhosOff has hit the road on the 18th December 2009. On it`s maiden run the 40ft refrigerated lorry is on it`s way to Belgium for christmas supplies to retailers.

Calendar updates for MS Outlook, Google, iCal

By WhosOff support team

You can now create a calendar feed from your WhosOff account and subscribe to that feed from other calendar programs such as MS Outlook and Google Calendar.

500,000th Leave request completed

By WhosOff support team

Today, we processed our 500,000th leave request ...Hurray!

BT Business Insight

By WhosOff support team

Thanks to Ian Betteridge for his blog entry on BT`s Insight blog about WhosOff Its nice to know the word is getting out into the business community

WhosOff - Ranked 6th - Top Dates & Calendar web applications

By WhosOff support team

With 9,258 votes so far WhosOff has grown to the #6 spot on CEO World Magazine poll for the Top Dates and Calendar Web Applications list. Cast your votes today at

Branding not compulsory, but those companies who are trying it – just love it.

By WhosOff support team

It so easy, just give the o.k. and we will do the rest. One of our web designers will carefully match your company colours and then strategically place your company logo in the top left and your corporate image is carried through into Premium. Branding is free for the first three months.

WhosOff Hits ¼ Million Holiday Requests

By WhosOff support team

Since its launch, less than 2 years ago, thousands of businesses and organisations have taken the opportunity to use to manage their staff holiday/vacation and out of office times. Based in the quiet city of Canterbury, England - a world away from Silicon Valley - is attracting users from over 75 countries around the world – an impressive start for an online service aimed at business users.

WhosOff Today On Screen Report - Optimised for Speed!

By WhosOff support team

Everyone`s favourite report has been rewritten today to enable users with large staffing numbers to retrieve monthly views more quickly. Try it for yourself, login to your account and click on the WhosOff Today? link.

WhosOff Facelift Underway

By WhosOff support team

An new enhanced look and feel are being worked on at the WhosOff offices that will incorporate the new versions available to users of WhosOff. The new site will be ready and launched early February and will provide users with an insight to new features and services coming soon as well as providing a central discussion area for users to share their knowledge of WhosOff.

WhosOff in Development!

By WhosOff support team

WhosOff has entered a new major development chapter. From early January 2008 developers of WhosOff will be embarking on a new major release that will incorporate SOAP API technology as its base and will also see WhosOff located on a new hosting platform. The hosting of WhosOff will see loads balanced across its newly commissioned servers and will provide a faster and more robust service to WhosOff premium users.

Red Hot Site of the Day!

By WhosOff support team

Over the weekend WhosOff was the `Red Hot Site of the Day` on, based in Texas,USA has become the premier internet destination for space, science, health, and technology enthusiasts around the globe.

New reviews of WhosOff (Free)

By WhosOff support team

A couple of reviews have been posted recently which I think really capture the essence of the Whosoff service. Steve Anderson`s `Keep track of who`s off` and John Reardon`s `Tracking Time off the easy way`.

WhosOff - Our 1st Birthday!

By WhosOff support team

On 1st July 2007 WhosOff celebrated its first year as the internet`s first and only free to use Online staff holiday and vacation planner...

Being second is no longer 'second best'

By WhosOff support team

Hi my name is 2 - You`ve probably heard of me, but not so long ago I used to be just another single digit, the second best, just number two, you would n`t even have looked at me twice, am I right?

A smart solution for one office problem - Free

By WhosOff support team

Business, particularly SMEs, are being inundated with promises from the likes of Google and Microsoft, of online delivered web applications.The current buzz words being `Web 2.0` and `Saas` (Software as a Service) and `On demand`.

23% reduction in sick leave

WhosOff has to date recorded more than 23.4 million sick records, helping companies monitor their sick leave with a view to reducing unnecessary sick days.

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14.3+ million holidays

With summer getaways most popular at this time of year, WhosOff has been integral to managing staff leave requests for businesses around the globe.

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1.12 million business decisions

With the flexibility of WhosOff, companies are tracking important meetings and out-of-office times through the application.

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